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After the adoption of the five-year Strategic Action Plan (2014 – 2019) of ASEA at the Congress of Hammamet (Tunisia) in May 2012, it was established a transitional period (2012 – 2014). During this period, the action plan of the ASEA will revolve around five strategic axes:

- Axis 1: Capacity building and funding of member companies

  • Implement multidisciplinary training programs
  • Hold regular meetings with donors to finance power projects (AfDB, EU, World Bank, AFD ...)
  • Promoting good governance and social responsibility in African Power Companies
  • Share best practices of the power sector in clean energy within member companies
  • Organize an international forum on pricing and on power purchase agreements (PPA)

- Axis 2: Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

  • Organize a symposium with the African industries of manufacture of electrical equipment and encourage creativity and innovation in collaboration with AFREC, AFSEC, AFUR and partners and stakeholders
  • Identify research centers, labels and disseminate to member companies and organize a scientific conference in collaboration with AFSEC and power pools
  • Encourage research and development in the African power sector
  • Organize a workshop on renewable energy and energy efficiency

- Axis 3: Rural Electrification and South-South cooperation

  • Organize an international forum for sharing experiences on rural electrification
  • Mobilize donors on financing of all rural electrification projects identified by sub-region, in collaboration with the Power Pools
  • Formalize the South-South partnerships between member companies for the implementation of projects

- Axis 4: Repositioning ASEA and New Strategy

  • Confirm the appointment of regional FRSC (Fund Raising and Steering Committee) except its President Mr. Edward Njoroge and the Director General of ASEA, Mr. Abel Didier TELLA and its Staff
  • Ensure the startup of the FRSC
  • Prepare the new texts of the statutes and the bylaws for their adoption, as planned in the final document of the Strategic Action Plan of Johannesburg

- Axis 5: Reframing of the coordination of the Power Pools as being the coordination of the activities of the Forum of the Power Pools

  • Mobilize Forum members about the new strategy of APUA
Revise the Action Plan of the Forum established in 2009 to coordinate and implement




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